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Data driven approach to rowing improvement

Row Analysis is an innovative Dutch company that analyzes and benchmark the rowing stroke with the use of modern motion tracking techniques. Motion tracking makes it possible to convert video to data and analyze the movement of legs, arms and trunk separately.

The concept is simple: you make the video yourself, use your own ordinary camera or smartphone, and then send it to us. We use motion-tracking to convert this video in data and analyze and benchmark this data. A few days later we return the analysis report by email. Up till now such an analysis sets you back several thousand euro's. Using this new method, that amount dropped well below a 50 euro. 

Because the rowing stroke is decomposed in the movement of legs, trunk and arms, you can see exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are. Bench-marking allow you to make a detailed comparison of your own stroke with rowers of the same weight, same height, same age or the top rowers in our reference database. To maximize your benefits, each analysis contains concrete recommendations to improve your rowing technique and speed.

Two analyses with some time between them, enables a rower to measure his own progress over time in strength and technique.

For rowing teams, each rower can be compared with the average of his team as well as the best rower from the team. With this information rowers can be coached individually, to comply with the team's stroke. It is also made possible, to select the best and most uniform rowers in a team. 

Learn here how you can make your own video today and look here to see the information you will receive. 

Step 1

Learn how easy it is to make your own motion tracking rowing video.


Step 2

Submit your video and order your performance report, including stroke analysis and benchmarks.


Step 3

Start rowing better and faster, using the information from your performance report.


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