Video a rower on a regular ergometer

For making a video no special equipment is needed. It can be easily done with any camera or phone and takes approximately 20 minutes. Beneath you will find the instructions for a normal ergometer. When you have a Concept2 dynamic ergometer, ergometer on slides or RowPerfect ergometer, please select it on the tab up left.

In order to track movements with motion tracking, markers must be taped to the ergometer. You can print these markers yourself and download them here. You don't have a printer? No problem, with duct tape and white paper, you can make markers as well. You 'll find all the instructions in the video below.




Download this video here, so you can watch it offline as well. 


Download here this clarification and the video markers. Print this document and you will have everything at hand!




Marking a regular ergometer



The reference markers determine the scale, therefore the distance between the reference markers must be known exactly. D1 is attached below the catch, D2 near the finish of the stroke.


The seat must be marked as well. The position is not critical as long as the marking is positioned vertical.


Make sure that the handle marker is positioned vertically and that the red line is through the center of the handle.

Filming a regular ergometer


You will get the best quality video when including the next considerations

  1. zoom in so the rower is as large as possible, as long as all the markers can be permanent seen on the video.
  2. if using a camcorder, do video in the progressive format (24p-60p) and not in the interlaced format (24i-60i);
  3. keep the stroke rate preferable at a pace of 30 (too high and the video quality is reduced to much, too low and it is not representative for a rowing race);
  4. take not more than ten strokes on video, five of which are to be used;
  5. to measure the distance reference (the distance between both D-markers) as accurate as possible using a tapeline.


If you want the power output to be benchmarked too, please call out the split times or wattages so that they can be easily heard on the video (audio)