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Surprise your best friend, your Christmas love, your daughter, your most loyal supporter or any other rower with an original gift : a motion-tracking video analysis of their rowing stroke.

Beneath you can buy a gift voucher for the motion tracking video analysis of a rowing stroke. This voucher contains a code that the recipient can use to pay on our website.
This original gift only costs € 49.50 all in, and you will be send to you by email.
In this comprehensive analysis, you will get concrete recommendations how to improve your rowing stroke and increase speed. 

We also send you the video with the used strokes, so you can see the strokes we based the analysis upon. 
There are no risks involved, because if – for any reason – your video appears unsuitable for an analysis, you will be allowed to resend a new video for up to an year after the initial order.

The steps are easy:

1. Beneath you can buy the gift certificate, it will be send to you by email.

2. The recipient creates a rowing video assisted by the instructions on our website.

3. The recipient uploads his/her data and rowing video and uses the gift certificate to pay.

4. We convert the video - using motion tracking - to valuable data and put this in a comprehensive analysis.

5. The recipient will receive the analysis report and benchmark by email.

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Step 1

Learn how easy it is to make your own motion tracking rowing video.


Step 2

Submit your video and order your performance report, including stroke analysis and benchmarks.


Step 3

Start rowing better and faster, using the information from your performance report.


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